Mazda Is Working On Its New Generation Rotary Engine


If we can judge on the official statement, Japanese manufacturer still works on the rotary engine. Although we thought that this kind of vehicle went to history with the discontinuation of the famous RX-8, it seems that Mazda never gave up. There is a group of engineers in the company that still works on the next generation of this engine.

According to the company’s spokesman, the new generation is under development, but it doesn’t go so smooth, due to several issues. From this state, we can make a presumption that money is the biggest problem. Simply, there are many other top priorities at the moment, such as electrification, the new generation of SkyActive engines and other advanced technologies. So, we didn’t get even some rough timeline, which indicates that the new rotary engine is still a distant future.

Mazda Is Working On Its New Generation Rotary Engine

Mazda’s new generation rotary engine will definitely come?

After discontinuation of the legendary RX-8 sports car, many of us expected that this kind of engines will finally become history. However, the most interesting fact is that there is still a huge fan base, especially in North America. This is no wonder if we consider all benefits from this technology. Despite many limitations, these engines still feature plenty of advantages and the most important is definitely a much smoother ride. If we add that this engine became Mazda’s trademark, it is clear why many car lovers don’t want to accept the fact that days of this technology are numbered. Simply, these engines are less reliable and definitely can’t match static engines in terms of fuel economy. However, Mazda is going to meet demands of those car lovers, according to the company’s spokesman. There is a group of engineers that work on the new generation rotary engine.

Mazda would love to put a greater effort on the new engine but there are other priorities

As you presume, the biggest problem is money. In these days when everything is about profit, there is no space for some expensive experiments. This company definitely doesn’t have enough resources for some additional development expenses. There are some more important things to achieve in the upcoming years. First of all, Mazda has big plans with the new generation of SkyActive engines. A new SkyActive X is on its way. However, there is still a big job to finish the next generation of oil burners. Also, electrification is a top priority. This company still has a lot to do in areas such as hybrid and electric cars, so some old-school technology definitely isn’t on the top priority list. Finally, Mazda works on many other advanced technologies at the moment. One of the most important is a new system for autonomous driving, which is about to come in the upcoming years.

Mazda Is Working On Its New Generation Rotary Engine

Where could Mazda apply the new rotary engine?

Well, you can definitely be sure that new rotary engine will not power some ordinary car, such as hatchback or crossover. The last version of this engine was reserved for sports cars, such as RX-7 and RX-8. However, this latter one has been discontinued in 2012. After that, we saw just one application of this engine. It was on the RX-Vision, but this car is just a concept for now. So, if we consider all this, we can just presume that the new rotary engine will power the new RX generation. However, we should also consider that development of the new engine doesn’t go as fast as most of us want. So, we will definitely have to wait for many years to see it again in some new model. This waiting could last for years, or even decades?

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