The new 2019 Toyota MR2 will be based on Gazoo Racing model


The mid-size sports cars are very popular. Their look, power, elegance, are just the part of the overall puzzle. Beneath all the successes are hard work and continual development and evolution. With every new model, the bar is going up, and all rivals must follow.

The new 2019 Toyota MR2 is about to make boom on the market, from what we know so far. The reason is simple – Gazoo Racing concept is a platform, and it guarantees success. Attractive and powerful, it would be hard to imagine this model to fail.

Furthermore, with it, Toyota is going to unite three sports models. This, mid-range MR2 is going to be between Supra and GT86. Similarities will be visible, but every of this model is going to offer special things.

2019 Toyota MR2

Three Brothers

With two successful models already in the market, Toyota is planning to launch another one. So, the Japanese company is planning a raid on the worldwide markets. With new 2019 Toyota MR2 based on Gazoo Racing model, the “Three Brothers” puzzle is going to be completed. Sports segment is where this manufacturer is great, and now they are about to do it on another level. From what we could hear from bosses, the plan should go as soon as possible. So, in 2019 we can expect MR2, GT86, and Supra together, dominating the streets.

2019 Toyota MR2 review

2019 Toyota MR2 engine

The sports car needs power. However, the company is going to place a hybrid combo under the hood of the 2019 Toyota MR2. So, a mid-engine layout is a logical solution. Some details could come from Le Mans LMP1 vehicles, but this is just a rumor.

On the other hand, it is not impossible to happen. Also, the MR2 could come as a classic petrol vehicle, ready to deliver massive output. We can also look to its siblings in search for the adequate powertrain. However, MR2 will use lightweight materials to deliver better fuel economy. So, if combination light vehicle-strong powertrain-electric batteries happen, the 2019 Toyota MR2 is the car to follow when it appears. Another advantage of the Gazoo and LMP1 concepts is low emission. With it, this vehicle is going to meet all regulations in every country worldwide.

2019 Toyota MR2 design

It is still unknown if 2019 Toyota MR2 is going to be a two- or four-seater. With both options still open, we can’t be sure what to expect from this car. Nevertheless, Gazoo Racing is offering aggressive appearance. Fans are sure that Toyota will take advantage of this.

Nevertheless, there are also siblings from “Three Brothers” idea, which could offer some solutions. We will know more about this in next few months when the company comes out with details from late development phases. However, the delay is not impossible, with so many information unknown at this moment.

2019 Toyota MR2 rear view


Not many buyers know about Gazoo Racing series. It is not strange since Toyota used it for the Japanese market. Nevertheless, the company is now ready to go worldwide with it. First of all, the new 2019 Toyota MR2 based on Gazoo Racing model will come to Europe. At this moment, there are no plans for releasing the car in North America. However, success in other parts of the world could change the way of thinking in headquarters. If fans accept MR2 in Europe, it is certain that Toyota Racing Development team in the US could take it as a part of their concepts.

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