New Mazda red color – Soul Red Crystal


Red was always a special color in the car industry. Many manufacturers, especially those sport-oriented, gave their best effort to create a perfect variant of this color, which should eventually make their model more attractive than competitors.

According to the famous Japanese manufacturer, they achieved that goal. The company presented a completely New Mazda red color – Soul Red Crystal. Moreover, it is claimed to be the world’s most beautiful red. This color is very special, not only because of its characteristics but also because of the way of its development.

New Mazda red color - Soul Red Crystal

New Mazda red color – Soul Red Crystal development

The development of the New Mazda red color – Soul Red Crystal was special in many ways. To ensure perfect results, we saw an unusual combination of color designers and master painters worked together. Firstly, the whole process was done completely manual. Even the body coloring was done by hand. This way is usual for concept cars.

New Mazda red color - Soul Red Crystal

However, it was a bit challenging to keep such high quality in serial production. So, the company developed a special technique called Takuminuri. In English, this could mean something like “artisan coloring. The whole point is that painting robots very effectively learned to duplicate the techniques of Mazda’s best craftsmen.

New Mazda red color – Soul Red Crystal details

The famous Japanese carmaker developed such an advanced painting technique, which will, eventually, provide amazing results. The New Mazda red color – Soul Red Crystal comes in two layers. The first one is a reflective/absorptive layer, which combines light-absorbing flake with high-brightness small aluminum flake.

New Mazda red color - Soul Red Crystal

The second layer is translucent and features a high-chroma pigment. The results are just amazing. It is clear that this color makes the brand’s KODO – Soul of Motion design language even better and even more accentuate its perfect lines. The first model that comes with the New Mazda red color – Soul Red Crystal is 2017 Mazda CX-5 crossover.

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