The New Toyota Century – Photos, Release Date and Price


The world’s largest manufacturer prepares to present a completely new, third generation of its famous limousine. This year, the legendary model turns 50.

It originally came in 1967 and it is designed for those who will rather be driven than drive this huge car. So, if you see this car on a street, you know who is in it – royalty, a corporate president or retired Yakuza chief. Despite its 50-year age, we have seen just two generation so far. The current second-generation model is present for more than 20 years, so we are about to see significant changes.

The new Century will come with new styling, new interior design, hybrid powertrain and plenty of new technologies. Despite we will see just a prototype at the upcoming Tokyo Show, production model should come pretty soon, in near future. Its premiere will be on the October 27th.

New Toyota Century

New Toyota Century redesign

Since the current model is present for more than two decades, expect significant changes in terms of design. The outgoing model received many updates, but this redesign will still bring many new technologies. The New Toyota Century will come with a new architecture, specially-designed for most demanding owners. When it comes to styling, it keeps its classic philosophy. This model had always featured a conventional, Rolls Royce-like styling, and the new model will continue in the same way. We will see a classic design, in the manner of good old limos. It is a high-end sedan that is designed to be driven in rather than be driven by the owner.

The interior design also comes completely new. In this car, you can find nothing but high-end materials and latest technology features, including both active safety systems and systems that will provide excellent comfort.

New Toyota Century interior

New Toyota Century features

As we already mentioned, New Toyota Century will come with plenty of novelties. We are about to see a very long list of features. First of all, it is worth to mention that this sedan comes with a 100-percent wool upholstery. This might sound strange for a luxury car, but wool is a perfect material for Japanese humid summer. Of course, there is optional leather upholstery. There is a huge screen at the center console, but most of these amazing things are at rear seats. There are things like seat massagers, leg rests etc. Moreover, New Toyota Century will feature a huge screen, as well as LCD screens at armrests, which control for things like air conditioning, audio etc. There is also a whole bunch of new safety systems, including pre-collision auto brake, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert.

New Toyota Century engine

The New Toyota Century will come with a completely new powertrain. Instead of the current 5.0-liter V12 unit, the new model will feature a hybrid powertrain. It will feature a 5.0-liter V8 gasoline engine in a combination with two electric motors. The total output will be around 395 horsepower, which is for about 120 horses more than the current second-generation model. This huge boost of power should provide significant improvements in terms of performances. Also, new powertrain will feature much better fuel economy.

New Toyota Century rear view

New Toyota Century production

The premiere of the New Toyota Century is scheduled late this month, at the Tokyo Car Show. The official presentation will be on October 27th. For this occasion, the company will present just a prototype, but we have no doubt that the production model will come soon after, with the pretty much same design characteristics. Just like previous versions, it will be on offer just in Japan. Unfortunately, we will not be able to compare this new model with ultra-luxurious models from Rolls Royce and Bentley.

When it comes to the price, we expect similar numbers as for the current model. So, base versions should cost around 12.5 million YEN, which is around 111.000 dollars.

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