Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept


The new Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept will be one of the several models that will have its premiere this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This car show is one of the biggest in Europe, so it is not wondering that many manufacturers will present their new production and concept cars here. This one is a completely new of a familiar crossover that came recently.

Toyota launched a completely new subcompact crossover last year and we are about to see some expansion of its lineup.

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So far, we have both gasoline and a hybrid version in the offer, but the company is going a step further. We are going to see a new hybrid version, which will feature much more power compared to the current C-HR Hybrid. The current model is just a concept for now. The company will announce more details about production somewhere early next year.

Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept front view

Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept design

This premiere of the new model will show a lot to us, but not all details. The Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept will be a completely new version of the subcompact crossover. In terms of base design characteristics, it is pretty much the same as a standard model. There is a familiar shape, which is definitely among most attractive ones in the class. With its sharp lines and plenty of sporty details, it quickly became the first choice for many drivers.

Toyota’s reputation, especially in terms of hybrids, is simply unquestionable, so we are sure that the new version will be successful. There are several new visual details on the C-HR Hy-Power Concept. The new model comes in a Dark Carbon silver finish and with Burning Orange accents on various areas as a contrast. There are also new 20-inch wheels and plenty of dark chrome details around the crossover.

Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept interior design and features

The interior design of the Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept doesn’t come much different compared to the base models. There is a familiar cabin, but several new details. However, those new details aren’t big. So, the most notable novelty is a new color scheme, which follows the palette of the exterior, so there are black, orange and chrome details around the cabin. We expect to see a production model with pretty much the same details.

On the other side, it is hard to predict the list of standard features. The current hybrid version already comes with plenty of standard equipment, but this version will surely feature even more. This especially refers to the safety features, although we should see some new standard features in terms of convenience and entertainment as well.

Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept interior

Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept powertrain

The powertrain is the biggest mystery at the moment. The new Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept came to the Frankfurt Motor Show without exact numbers. Moreover, we don’t know anything about the new powertrain, except that it will feature much more power compared to the current models.

The current hybrid version comes with Toyota’s familiar powertrain. It features a 1.8-liter gasoline engine in a pair with a low-output electric motor. The output of the whole system is around 122 horsepower. For this occasion, we expect much more power. The company should present a completely new powertrain, which will later also power a new hi-performance hybrid version of Yaris, and probably some other models in the future.

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Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept side view

Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept production model and price

As it name says for itself, this is just a concept car. The Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept has its premiere at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, which started this week. Toyota management said that more details about production model will be known at the beginning of 2018.

So, we can presume that the new version will hit the market somewhere next year. This also means that it is still too early to speculate about price. The current hybrid version goes around 32.000 dollars.

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