Toyota Crown Concept Could Preview Next-Gen Lexus ES and GS sedans


We saw many amazing concept cars at the current Tokyo Motor Show and Toyota Crown is one of them. Unlike others, this one is actually production-ready. This concept is an introduction to the next generation of the legendary flagship sedan. To remind you, this model is present for more than six decades.

The original Crown came in 1955 and we have seen 15 generations of it so far. The current version is present since 2012, so the new Toyota Crown Concept will become a serial production model very soon. The interesting thing about the new concept is that it could easily be some kind of preview for next-generation Lexus ES and GS models. The current GS shares many characteristics with the current Crown, so we expect no changes in this relation. The production version of the new Crown will come next year, while Lexus-badged version should come right after.

Toyota Crown Concept

Toyota Crown Concept design

The Toyota Crown Concept has its premiere at the ongoing Tokyo Motor Show. It is here to introduce the next, fifteenth generation of this iconic sedan. So far, we don’t know much about its design, except its dimensions and astonishing styling. The new concept rides on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), on its GA-L version. It is around 193.3 inches long, 70.8 inches wide and 57.1 inches tall. The wheelbase is around 115 inches. So, the new concept comes with similar size, but with a completely new styling. However, the most interesting things about this concept are new technologies that will take driving experience to the next level for sure.>

Toyota Crown Concept side view

Toyota Crown Concept technology

One of the most interesting characteristics of Toyota Crown Concept is its high ability to share information. It comes with Data Communication Modules (DCM), which collect information and contribute to the Internet of Things (IoT), but there is also an ITS Connect service that debuted a few years ago. This system features both vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) systems. All these new technologies will make new Crown able to receive and share information about traffic signals and other connected vehicles on the move, which is definitely something that will take our driving experience to the completely new level.

Toyota Crown Concept interior

Toyota Crown Concept Could Preview Next-Gen Lexus ES and GS sedans

As you may know, this luxury sedan is available only in Japan and some selected Asian markets. However, this doesn’t mean that new concept isn’t important for other parts of the world. The North American Lexus GS is heavily based on the current-generation Crown, so it seems natural next generations of these sedans to continue in the same way. However, it looks like the Japanese manufacturer is developing a completely new model, which will come as a replacement for GS, but also for smaller ES sedan. The new model should share most of its characteristics with the new Toyota Crown.

Toyota Crown Concept rear view

Toyota Crown Concept production

The Toyota Crown Concept is currently a concept, but the production model will come very soon. Although we didn’t get an official confirmation, the new model should hit the market in the third quarter of next year. Also, it is a preview for Lexus’s new sedan that will replace both GS and ES models. This model should come right after, probably somewhere in 2019.

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