Toyota FT-AC concept unveiled at 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show


The LA Auto Show is definitely one of the most important events in this time of year. So, it is no wonder that there are so many interesting things, especially when it comes to concept cars. One of the most interesting things that are happening on the show is a premiere of the new Toyota FT-AC concept car.

This is probably one of the most interesting concept cars that we have seen from the world’s best-selling car brand. Simply, there are many so amazing things about it and we can just hope that it will eventually enter serial production. This is the second SUV concept from the Japanese manufacturer this year. Both of them are designed to be versatile, but FT-AC looks much more capable. So far, we can see its exterior design, while details about interior and powertrain are still unknown.

Toyota FT-AC concept unveiled at 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show front view

Toyota FT-AC design

As we already mentioned, Toyota FT-AC is the second concept SUV this year, after the FT-4X. With both concepts, the company aims for younger drivers, full of adventurous spirit. Both SUVs are supposed to be highly versatile, but the newer one definitely looks more capable. According to the company’s management, it will be highly capable for the off-road drive, but still perfect for an everyday ride. The new is full of interesting details. Those are not just fancy-looking, but also very useful. For example, there are parts like fog lights or even cameras on side mirrors that can be detached and used in various kinds of unforeseen situations. Also, the new concept came with the attached bicycle, which should be a clear indicator that this SUV is going to be highly versatile.

Toyota FT-AC concept unveiled at 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show side view

Toyota FT-AC styling

At the moment, the styling is the only completely known thing about the new concept. Despite the fact that the new concept probably rides on a carlike unibody platform, the Toyota FT-AC looks very SUV-ish. Moreover, the complete silhouette gives an impressive off-road character. The new model features Rav4-like dimensions. Its front end looks very muscular. The most notable details are things like large detachable fog lights, Tacoma TRD Pro-like grille, and angry headlights.

From the side, you can see a rear SUV-like boxy shape, with massive 20-inch wheels and interesting floating fender flairs that give an additional dose of ruggedness. On the other side, the rear end looks far more conventional. There are many familiar lines from the current-generation Rav4, but some experts also claim some similarities with models from some other manufacturers.

Toyota FT-AC interior design and powertrain

This premiere of the new Toyota FT-AC didn’t give us many details about the interior design. More precisely, we didn’t see anything. The new concept is pretty much a shell with opaque windows, but the company promised that the cabin will follow that innovational design of the exterior. We can just imagine that many of details from the previous FT-4X will find their place in this one.

Toyota FT-AC concept unveiled at 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show rear view

On the other side, the engine choice is a complete mystery. At the moment, pretty much every kind of power source is on the desk. Most likely, we will see some kind of an electrified powertrain. However, we don’t know will be a classic hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or even an all-electric version. After all, don’t be surprised to see some internal combustion engine under the hood.

Toyota FT-AC future

The new Toyota FT-AC isn’t complete even as a concept, so it is definitely pointless to speculate about serial production. At the moment, we can just imagine that the final version will have the presentation on some of the upcoming shows and then we will know a little bit more about eventual serial production.

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