Toyota i Road Concept Release Date, Price


The Japanese company is currently working on the new model the Toyota i Road. This model is the three-wheel electric vehicle which especially made under zero emission policy. The I road will come in the shape of a car and a motorcycle at the same time but it will work like a complete car.

Toyota first released this car in Geneva motor show in 2013. The major purpose of this car is to deal with environmental issues along with stepping into the new world of latest technologies. I road are also named as personal mobility vehicle (PVM). They are basically designed for urban areas for traveling in short distances.

Toyota i Road front

Toyota i Road Concept Body Design

The makers have tried their best to keep the car narrow and sleek. The new model is 33.5 inches wide, height is 56.9 inches and length are 92.5. The car is shaped like a motorbike but it gives complete protection to its passenger from different circumstances.

The Toyota I Road is completely covered and enclosed which will protect in bad weathers as well. It also frees the passenger from the use of a helmet. Toyota has introduced a setup of the trick front wheel which will keep i road straight upright without the help of the driver. This is done with its latest active lean technology. The new Toyota i road will be very helpful in dealing issues of congestion which is usually felt by the passengers, especially in crowded cities. Due to their sleek and flexible design, it is anticipated that these cars will catch many buyers.

The front of the car will get a LED headlight. The back taillight will get a unique shape as well. The PVM will be facilitated with all the new technological features which include internet, a navigation system, the latest audio system with better speakers, Google maps, Bluetooth, USB ports and touchscreen LED. Furthermore, the vehicle will have latest security features as well.

Toyota i Road interior

Toyota i Road Concept Engine Specifications

The new car will come with zero emission policy. All the systems in the vehicle operate on electric powertrain which uses the lithium-ion battery. These batteries give power to two electric motors which are placed between the front wheels.

This provides very fast acceleration and completely silent running. Toyota I Road has a driving range of 32 miles. The PVM can be easily charged with normal household power socket in three hours.

Toyota i Road side

Toyota i Road Concept Price Details

Despite the advanced features, the car will not cost much. The expected price of the base model will start from 15,000 dollars. This model will debut sometime next year.

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  1. I really can’t see this vehicle being successful in the USA. It’s basically a three wheel covered motorcycle. What I’m hoping for is the Toyota Hybrid Estima being brought to the USA. Today’s so called minivans are too big. The Estima looks more like the original minivans that were a big hit years ago.

  2. Hai this is nice car what is the price of this car

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