Toyota launches new performance GR sub-brand


Although Toyota is by far the best-selling car brand in the world, it doesn’t have its hi-performance division. More precisely, it didn’t have until now. This is something that we were expecting for so many years. Although many refer this brand to mainstream cars, it actually has a great motorsport history. If you look at the Toyota’s CV, you can see things from Formula 1 to 24 Hours of Le Mans. If we consider all this, it is easy to agree that it was a shame that this division didn’t appear before. The new GR sub-brand refers to Gazoo Racing. So far, the company established this department in Japan, but it will spread worldwide in upcoming years. However, the timeline of this expansion is yet to be announced. The new sub-brand has already started serious work and its products will be divided into three groups – GRMN, GR and GR Sport.

Toyota launches new performance GR sub-brand

A top-range GRMN

As we already mentioned, there are three categories of GR’s products. The first one is called GRMN, which refers to Gazoo Racing Masters of Nurburgring. This is a top category, which includes the most extensive upgrades of Toyota production cars. These models will come with numerous modifications, which will include engine tunings as well. The company has already released one new model, a GRMN version of the famous small car Yaris. This model comes with a 1.8-liter supercharged inline-four engine that has a max output of 205 horsepower. It also features things like sport-tuned suspension, 17-inch BBS wheel, and impressive bodywork.

A mid-range GR

Models with GR badge will also include significant modifications, but will not feature tuned engines. However, they will still include significant chassis modifications. For example, there is a GR version of the famously 86 model, which features things like Sachs shock absorbers, a Torsen limited-slip differential, uprated brake calipers, forged aluminum wheels, and Recaro seats.

Toyota launches new performance GR sub-brand

An entry-level GR Sport

This will be the first stage of tuning. In models with this badge, we actually won’t see some more serious tunings. These modifications will be mostly in terms of visual improvements. So, we could see things like some additional bodywork, which will include new bumpers, spoiler, wheels, color schemes. The interior design of these models will also include various modifications, such as Recaro seats, new color schemes, chrome details, racing instrument clusters etc.

Toyota launches new performance GR sub-brand

GR Parts – department for aftermarket upgrades

An important segment of the new sub-brand will be a department for aftermarket upgrades, which will be called GR Parts. This will leave a plenty of space for customizations. Buyers will be able to purchase various products from GR Parts, which will be sold in Toyota dealerships, as well as in new GR Garage showrooms which will be popping up first in Japan and later all around the world.

Gazoo Racing future plans

As we already mentioned, this department already did some tunings or two of Toyota’s production cars, Yaris and 86. In the future, we expect to see a whole range of new vehicles in the offer. We hope that many of the existing models from Toyota will get their hi-performance versions. Also, there is a chance to see some completely new models that will come exclusively under GR badge. For example, we all know that the company works on the new generation of the long-awaited Supra. It is still unclear will the new sports car come as Toyota GR Supra or exclusively as GR Supra. The new grand tourer is in the late stage of development and we expect the premier already next year, while production should start in 2019.

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