Toyota is planning 10 purely electric vehicles in 2020s


The famous Japanese manufacturer is among biggest carmakers in the world. Toyota is by far the best-selling car brand in the world, outnumbering closest rivals by millions of car’s sold. The whole company sells more than 10 million units a year. Still, it didn’t introduce a single all-electric vehicle car so far despite it is an absolute leader when it comes to hybrids. That definitely doesn’t mean that there is no strategy for future electrifications. Moreover, Toyota is planning 10 purely electric vehicles in the 2020s.

Toyota is planning 10 purely electric vehicles in 2020s

10 EV’s by the end of next decade

Although a leader in the hybrid-car industry, this manufacturer still has no all-electric vehicle in its lineup. Considering that closest rivals Nissan and VW already work on their EV, it was about time to hear something about it from Toyota. According to the company’s Executive Vice President Shigeki Terashi, the whole fleet will be electrified. This means that every model from the company’s lineup will have its hybrid, electric, or fuel-cell version. Naturally, most of them will be hybrids. In that time, electrified cars should participate with more than 50% of total sales. Speaking of all-electric cars particularly, there should be at least 10 vehicles of this type by the end of next decade, according to Terashi.

Toyota is planning 10 purely electric vehicles in 2020s

China will be the first country to get Toyota EV

We are aware of the challenge that all countries fight with when it comes to CO2 emissions and saving the environment in general. Pretty much all countries already work on new strategies that will keep our planet for further pollutions. For example, pretty much every European city is going to forbid internal-combustion engines in next decade. All major cities like London, Berlin, and Paris have such strategy. Even in the U.S., something is happening. However, the country that leads in this aspect is probably China. This country encourages the use of electric cars in major cities. There are various kinds of subsidies and other policies that promote this technology. So, it is not wondering that this will be the first EV market for many carmakers. Toyota won’t be an exception. After China, the next one will be Japan, then Europe, and eventually North America.

A competition among battery makers

Toyota is known as a company that usually relies on own forces. Still, in such huge project, an outside help is something that we have expected. For this occasion, the company plans to invest more than 13 billion dollars. Such huge investment requires some outside help, especially if we consider that half of this sum will go on batteries. So, Toyota is joining forces with the famous electronic maker Panasonic. This Japanese partnership will include the development of new batteries, which will use new technologies that include the use of rare and expensive materials.

Toyota is planning 10 purely electric vehicles in 2020s

Hybrid technologies – Excellent basis

We are all familiar with Toyota’s achievements in the hybrid technologies. This company is a leader in this segment of the car industry. Models from the Prius family are real household names when it comes to the car electrification. Considering all these achievements, this company has a full right to consider itself as a great contender to the throne of EV segment. If you add to this Panasonic’s reputation, we doubt that something could go wrong. The time will show, expect the first result of this joint venture soon.

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