Toyota S-FR Racing Concept Engine, Specs, Design


The biggest Japanese is not famous only for amazing car models, but also for numerous concept cars that never entered serial production. One of these is Toyota S-FR Racing Concept. This small sports car had its premier few years ago, in Tokyo. It is a small, entry-level sports car, which is designed to compete with the legendary Mazda MX-5.

Still, it remained in a concept for so far, although there are some indications that a production version will finally come next year. Still, this information is yet to be confirmed, so you should take it with big reserve. If the new model enters serial production, we hope it will follow the styling of a concept, which looks pretty amazing.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept front view

On the other side, numerous mechanical tweaks are possible. If we can trust those reports that circulate on the internet, S-FR Racing Concept could become a production car pretty soon.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept design

When it comes to the base design, we hope that the new production model will be as close as possible to the concept version. To remind you, Toyota S-FR Racing Concept is as a small, entry-level sports car. For this occasion, the company introduced a completely new chassis. Since it needs to meet Kei car standard, it comes with pretty small proportions. Overall size is pretty small, which also affects the overall weights.

If we add to this use of lightweight materials, curb weight should be amazingly small. This would allow amazing performances even from a not so powerful engine, like one that we saw under the hood of the concept. Besides all these great features, styling is definitely a highlight of the concept.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept side view

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept styling

The Toyota S-FR Racing Concept came with a brand-new design language and we hope that the production version will be close enough. As you may presume, this concept was developed along with the company’s motorsport division Gazoo. The result is a completely new racing body kit, characterized by unique body panels, massive side skirts and diffusers, and a huge rear spoiler. The design language by itself is unique too. There is a pair of new, unusual for Toyota, rounded headlights, as well as a massive black grille with a honeycomb pattern. A hood is also pretty unique and comes with a pair of quick-release pins near the headlamps. The rear end is characterized not only by a huge spoiler but also with center-mounted exhaust and numerous other details. On the other side, details about interior are yet to come.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept rear view

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept engine

When it comes to the powertrain, a concept version features a familiar 1.5-liter unit from Corolla. Although we don’t have details about power, a production version would most likely get some tuned up version. To remind you, this engine usually delivers around 105 horses. For this occasion, we could see full 150 horses. This would be more than enough to provide mind-blowing performances of this small sports car. Transmission is a 6-speed manual.

Still, we could see numerous modifications on the production model, including a completely new engine and transmission. The company could go for some smaller and more efficient unit, as well as some newer gearbox. Every kind of modification seems possible with the production model.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept production

As we already mentioned, a production version of this concept seems very likely. Moreover, some reports suggest the new sports car should come pretty soon. Considering that there is no official announcement about this model, you should take all this with a dose of a reserve, although we really hope that launch of this interesting small sports car will come.

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