Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Pickup Truck is possible


The Japanese carmaker is one of the leaders when it comes to electrified vehicles, so it is no wonder that they are considering the launch Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Pickup Truck. This mid-size truck is in production for about 22 years and it gained a reputation of an excellent truck. On the other side, mid-size trucks are less popular that full-size models from American manufacturers.

So, many manufacturers are trying to expand their offer. One of best ways is a hybrid version of current models. The company already confirmed that they are considering a hybrid version of the famous truck. Moreover, this powertrain will most likely find its way to other trucks and SUVs from the brand. However, we still don’t have any official information about the new hybrid and we will probably have to wait next year to get it. Until then, we must rely on speculations.

Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Pickup Truck is possible

Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Pickup Truck rumors

As we already mentioned, the company announced consideration of the new hybrid powertrain for the legendary truck. Soon after, we already found many rumors about Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Pickup Truck on the internet. So far, those reports are nothing more than speculations. According to those reports, the first body on frame model that will get hybrid powertrain should be Tacoma.

The company already prepares a mid-cycle update for the next few years. So, we could also see new powertrain, besides usual cosmetic changes and new equipment. However, this is pretty questionable for many reasons. First of all, it is hard to expect a completely new powertrain is such short time and we doubt that the current hybrids are capable for this task, even if the company tries to make some modifications. On the other side, there is a new platform to come, and it could include new hybrid powertrain.

Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Pickup Truck is possible

Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Pickup Truck new platform

Many believe that new hybrid powertrain will come with the upcoming mid-cycle update of the famous truck. However, we think that the Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Pickup Truck will come with the next generation of this mid-size pickup truck. The company works on a new modular body on frame platform, which will be used not only for Tacoma and its relative 4Runner but also for a full-size Tundra and legendary Hilux.

All these models will share the new platform, which should include new hybrid powertrain as well. More precise details about new powertrain are still unknown, but it should be big and powerful enough to be a great alternative even to the Tundra’s large V8 gasoline engine.

Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Pickup Truck is possible rear view

Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Pickup Truck competition

There are many truck manufacturers that work on their hybrid versions and Toyota definitely will not stay out of this game. The biggest news is definitely about the hybrid version of the iconic F-150, which should have its premiere by 2020. Chrysler also works on a mild hybrid variant of another legend, Ram 1500.

However, those are full-size trucks, not direct competitors of Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Pickup Truck. In the class of mid-size vehicles, there is a potential arrival Wrangler Pickup Hybrid. The pickup version of the legendary SUV is on its way, and we should see a hybrid version in about three years as well. Besides these confirmed models, we expect other manufacturers to join this hybrid truck race as well.

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