Toyota teases FT-AC Adventure off-road Concept for LA Auto Show


The Japanese largest carmaker plans to find a successor of the legendary FJ Cruiser and the first candidate will have the premiere at the upcoming LA Auto Show, as the FT-AC Adventure off-road Concept. For this occasion, the company released a teaser photo of the new concept car.

We definitely can’t figure out something more from this image but can make some predictions. We can see that this is clearly an off-road vehicle, which could eventually enter a serial production in the future, with some modifications. Also, we can see that the new model resembles in some way another SUV concept that company presented this year, FT-4X. In any case, we will still have to wait for about 12 days to see its premiere. Then we will know much more about the new concept.

Toyota FT-AC front

Does Toyota really need Toyota FT-AC Adventure off-road Concept in its lineup?

Well, it is hard to answer this question precisely. The company recently discontinued the legendary FJ Cruiser. So we can presume that there is a need for some small off-road vehicle. However, it is still the question is there a need for such rugged design in the current situation on the market. Teaser photo doesn’t show a lot, but it seems like the new Toyota FT-AC Adventure off-road Concept is a little bit more oriented to urban conditions. Most likely, this will be some kind of a compromise between an old-school truck-based SUV and a modern crossover.


According to pretty much all reports, this concept will feature a modern, unibody architecture, but it will also feature pretty hard construction and AWD layout as well. However, we will have to wait for the premiere for further, more precise information.

FT-AC Adventure off-road Concept design

So far, this picture is the only source of information about the Toyota FT-AC Adventure off-road Concept. Even this picture is pretty dark and we can’t see much of it. However, there are several visible details that clearly show some crucial details about the new model. For example, we can clearly see its shape from the front side and it all indicates that this is a very capable off-road vehicle. For example, there are massive wheel arches, roof rails and even LED light bars on each corner of the roof.

The new concept will come in either yellow or green color, unlike the FT-4X which came in Orange/Black/White finish. Also, we can clearly see sharp and angry-shaped headlights, LED foglights etc. Other aspects of the concept are completely unknown. However, some of the mechanical details should be known after the premiere, besides complete visual appearance.

Toyota FT-AC Adventure off-road Concept production

So far, the company didn’t say anything about eventual serial production. After the recent discontinuation of the legendary FJ Cruiser, the company definitely needs some small SUV. Although there is a small CH-R crossover in the offer, it definitely can’t match in terms of capability and other aspects. So, the Toyota FT-AC Adventure off-road Concept definitely isn’t a surplus. At the moment, when pretty much all details are completely unknown. It is hard to speculate is this concept is production-ready, or are there some additional modifications to come until production starts.

Toyota FT-AC side

Toyota FT-AC Adventure off-road Concept premiere

This teased photo is here to preview concept’s premiere, which will happen in about 12 days. The introduction of the Toyota FT-AC Adventure off-road Concept will take place at the upcoming LA Auto Show. It is set for the December 1st. However, several reports suggest that Toyota is going to present the new concept one day earlier, for media.

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