Toyota Tj CRUISER Concept


The upcoming Tokyo Motor Show will bring many new models and concepts and one of the most interesting will be a new Toyota Tj CRUISER Concept. If you miss the vibe of the legendary Fj Cruiser, you will definitely like this concept.

It comes with a pretty interesting design which combines rugged look with practicality. Although it shares company’s familiar platform with models like CH-R, it doesn’t have much in common with other models from the leading brand in the car industry. The premiere of this new concept is set for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. It will share the stage with another concept caller GR HV Sports Concept.

These two models will definitely be among most attractive vehicles at the show. Although this will be a presentation of a concept car, many believe that Tj CRUISER Concept will go into serial production very soon, maybe already next year.

2017 Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept

Toyota Tj CRUISER Concept design

The Toyota Tj CRUISER Concept definitely features the vibe of the legendary FJ Cruiser. With its combination of rugged look and boxy shape, it should attract many car enthusiasts. Compared to the original “Cruiser”, it comes with pretty different design characteristics. While the FJ Cruiser was a classic off-road vehicle with a retro look, new model combines its rugged nature with practicality. That is definitely a good combination for good sales. There are many car drivers that stick to practical cars, but still, love to spice up things a bit.

This model is practically a minivan, which comes with plenty of space and practical details inside. As we already mentioned, is shares platform with CH-R, but comes with plenty of unique characteristics in various aspects.

Toyota Tj CRUISER Concept side view

Toyota Tj CRUISER Concept features

The Toyota Tj CRUISER Concept rides on the company’s New Global Architecture, which is already in use for models like CH-R and Prius. However, this concept comes with plenty of unique characteristics. As we already mentioned, there is a unique boxy shape with a design language. It is completely different than all other models of the brand. Interior is also completely unique.

The interior design combines simplicity with practicality. The dashboard design is extremely simple and features just unnecessary controls. On the other side, rear seats, as well as passenger’s seats, are fold-flat, which means that you can put inside some very long things. There are also many practical details, such as numerous lashing points or wide doors. These doors are pretty unusual for a vehicle that features just two rows of seats. In this case, it makes much easier to put something bigger inside.

Toyota Tj CRUISER Concept rear view

Toyota Tj CRUISER Concept production

The Toyota Tj CRUISER Concept is just a concept car at the moment and there are many unknown details about it. For example, we don’t know pretty much anything about powertrain. We just know that this large-wheel minivan will come with a hybrid powertrain that will probably include a 2.0-liter gasoline engine. More info about the concept will be definitely known after the premiere. It is scheduled for the end of the month.

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