Toyota Will Build New Auris In UK, only if the UK gets Transitional Brexit Deal


If the transitional Brexit deal happens, Toyota is ready to take an advantage of the situation. The unstable market is a chance for Japanese carmaker to establish itself as a leader, not only in innovations and quality. It Toyota builds new Auris during this transitional period, they will establish itself as one of the leaders in the car industry in many areas.

Nevertheless, the final decision will be known soon. However, changes must happen if this model wants to survive. According to the current situation, final Brexit deals are scheduled for 2019, and then we will see what is the future of the hatchback in the UK.

2019 Toyota Auris

Toyota Auris future

This is going to be a big move and a deal for Toyota. A Huge amount of money is in the game to gamble with it. Ongoing negotiations are important since Auris is the very important car for the European market. With plants in the UK, the situation is somehow difficult after Brexit. However, Toyota is one of the global brands that can pull many things they plan. And bosses want to continue production on the British island. But, many things are going to depend on transition and the deals between the UK and Europe.

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Toyota Auris Plans

So, with negotiations starting in 2019, this hatchback will probably come then. By that time, bosses in Toyota will know everything about plans and directions of negotiations. But, the model is getting a new edition only if there are strong guarantees that Japanese manufacturer can produce the car in the UK, and sell it in continental countries. Finally, it is interesting to see which innovations are coming with the 2019 Toyota Auris.

2019 Toyota Auris engine

Toyota Auris arrival and price

The 2019 Toyota Auris is a global vehicle, whose production will be in the UK or elsewhere. So, definitely, there is a plan B for the carmaker. Nevertheless, at the first place, they are sure that business is possible during the transitional Brexit deal. If that starts during 2019, we can see new Auris then, stating that negotiations will last for a while. On the other hand, what to expect if a deal is not going well, we still don’t know.

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