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After almost 18 years, Toyota Yaris WRC has brought Japanese manufacturer back to the World Rally Championship. We all remember legendary eight-generation Corolla and its WRC model, which competed between 1997 and 1999. Now, almost two decades later, Toyota is once again present in this competition. This time, Yaris takes the place.

The development of this version started in 2014 and after almost three years, Yaris WRC had its debut in the prestigious competition. The new version comes with numerous modifications and it managed to collect a pretty nice amount of point in its rookie season. Moreover, we saw the first, historic victory in Finland.

Compared to the base model, modifications are numerous. There’s a new engine, with much more power. Of course, these modifications include things like new suspension, bodywork and much more. The this-year championship has already started and there are already some very good results.

toyota yaris wrc

Toyota Yaris WRC design

The development of this rally version lasted for about three years. As it was expected, Toyota’s performance division Gazoo Racing was in charge of this project. Compared to the base model, changes are numerous. Just like with rally models from other manufacturers, pretty much the whole car was modified. This version comes with a familiar shape, although its racing looks are emphasized with massive bodywork. So, under this racing body, you can notice familiar headlight and Yaris’s characteristics design language. Still, the biggest part of the modification took the place under the skin. Mechanics are completely new, with new suspension and complete chassis. Significantly better handling, massive weight reduction, and naked interior are just some of the notable characteristics. Finally, this version features a completely new engine, tuned up especially for this occasion.

toyota yaris wrc side view

Toyota Yaris WRC engine

The engine is hard of the Toyota Yaris WRC. For this occasion, Toyota developed a completely new version of its 1.6-liter engine. Backed up with two turbochargers and various engine tweaks, this unit now delivers more than 380 horsepower. Pretty amazing numbers for such small engine. A new transmission comes with this engine.

For this occasion, Toyota’s performance division has developed a new dual-clutch hydraulic transmission. Results are obvious. Besides excellent performances, this powertrain is extra-durable, which is critical for this competition. Performances are amazing. Quick acceleration, top speed over 160 mph are just some of the characteristics. Still, consider that those are details from the last-year model. It is quite possible that the company did several modifications for this-year competition.

toyota yaris wrc review

Toyota Yaris WRC – great results already in the first season

The confirmation of Gazoo’s good work came pretty quickly. Already in the first season, Toyota WRC team made some very good results. Moreover, we have seen the first, historical, win of this subcompact in WRC competition. It was in Finland, a homeland of Toyota’s drivers. It was a real triumph since this team took two places on the podium, first time in history.

Excellent success was a real confirmation of Gazoo’s good work, so ambitions for the second season are even bigger. Considering all this, we can say for sure that this WRC mission was very successful for Toyota.

toyota yaris wrc rear view

2018 WRC – details

This-year WRC has already started. The first event was Monte Carlo Rally, while the second one which took place in Sweden was happening last weekend. The next one is scheduled for March 8th, in Mexico.

There are some important changes for this year. The Rally of Poland has been removed from the calendar, due to safety issues. Instead of Poland, we will see the Rally of Turkey, first time after 2010. Also, there are some route changes, but that is something usual for every year.

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