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The segment’s most stylish model is about to continue with further upgrades for the 2019 Mazda 6. The famous sedan has been around for almost 15 years at it has always been praised for its grace. The current model is not an exception at all. Moreover, it received a facelift recently, which makes this mid-size sedan even more stylish. Ok, Mazda is buying few more years until the complete redesign, but how to explain then that the company prepares additional changes to the stylish sedan.

2019 Mazda 6 AWD front view

The reason is simple, the next generation of this amazing car will definitely make a decisive breakthrough to the premium segment and that requires not only stylish look and quality materials, but competitive drivetrain as well. We already know about the upcoming power boost, but latest reports suggest an AWD layout as well. Sounds amazing for sure.

2019 Mazda 6 AWD – More Than a Rumor

Back in December, Mazda’s CEO Masahiro Moro was speaking about the possibility for Mazda 6 to get an all-wheel drive. Most of us were thinking about the next-generation model, which is about to come in next few years. However, it looks like Mazda will do this much earlier than we expected. In the beginning, it was just a rumor but now seems very likely. If we look at the NHTSA crash test reports, it says that Mazda 6 4-door AWD was in the test. It looks like a clear indicator that something is cooking in Mazda’s kitchen. Moreover, we are pretty sure that this model is coming next year. Simply, why would someone do an official test of the model that wears design solutions for the next generation?

2019 Mazda 6 AWD side view

If we think for a bit, it seems like a natural next step in the model’s evolution. We can’t know the real limits of any platform until we try a 4WD system. This model was already known for amazing handling, besides excellent styling and overall quality. With the new feature, 2019 Mazda 6 AWD would make a big step toward premium segment, where 4WD is a must. All-Wheel-Drive sounds likely even if we think of practicality only. With the significant power boost provided by new turbo engine, it would be a little bit too much torque for only two wheels. After all, this would be an amazing trump, considering that there aren’t many mid-size sedans with a 4WD layout.

2019 Mazda 6 AWD – What Else to Expect?

Although we presume that you are familiar with the novelties that were presented last December, we will mention them once again. First of all, the company did a nice facelift. This sedan has been aging slowly and this refresh will definitely keep it competitive until the redesign. With several subtle changes, especially at the front end, the 2019 Mazda 6 AWD becomes even more graceful. Besides visual improvement on the outside, there is also a new dashboard, with new materials, including Nappa leather. Finally, we should see few tech novelties as well.

2019 Mazda 6 Awd interior

2019 Mazda 6 AWD Gets a Turbo Inline-4

Another important novelty is the addition of new powertrain. The 2019 Mazda 6 AWD will get a familiar 2.5-liter turbo inline-four engine that has been used in CX-9 crossover for some time. With a new engine, it will get a significant power boost. A max output will go up to 250 horsepower (with premium fuel) and 310 pound-feet of torque. Sounds like a pretty impressive upgrade, if we consider that the current version is good for about 185 horses.

2019 Mazda 6 AWD rear view

2019 Mazda 6 AWD Price

The current model goes in a range between 22.000 and 35.000 dollars. If we presume that FWD models will keep the same price, the new 2019 Mazda 6 AWD will probably mean an addition of few thousands of each version.

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